CWMA October Newsletter

Welcome to Autumn in Oregon: winter when you wake up, spring when you arrive to work, summer at the end of the work day, and fall in the evenings. It’s layers season, everyone!

Many of us are bustling away on restoration projects, performing weed treatments, planning for grant submissions, participating as environmental educators for the Rogue Basin Salmon Watch program, and much, much more.

While our August 2023 meeting was cancelled, we do have an upcoming meeting on Wednesday, October 25th from 2:00 – 3:30. If you plan on attending and wish to share something exciting with the group, I can add you to our growing agenda. Just reach out to:

Also, have you checked out the CWMA Website? It is still a work in progress and suggestions are always welcome!

Please keep reading for more news and details on upcoming events by clicking here!

~ Amie Siedlecki, Interim CWMA Coordinator

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