CWMA Members & Partnerships

Managing noxious and invasive weeds can be an intimidating task. Weeds ignore political and property boundaries, and when left unchecked can spread from neighbor to neighbor and onto our public lands. The complex mosaic of public and private land ownership in the Rogue Basin requires collaboration and strong partnerships. Here in the Rogue, we are fortunate to have strong partnerships in place to facilitate effective weed control. Below are a few of the i partnerships working to control invasive weeds across the basin. Thanks to all our partners for your support and on-going dedication to reduce the negative impacts from invasive weeds.

Our partners include the BLM, USFS, The Nature Conservancy, Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District, Illinois Valley Soil & Water Conservation District, Jackson County, City of Grants Pass, Rogue River Watershed Council, Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council, The Freshwater Trust, Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Rogue Valley Council of Governments, Oregon State University Extension Service, Oregon Parks and Recreation, Army Corps of Engineers, Cultural & Ecological Enhancement Network, Strauss Ecological Services, Silver Fox Lake & Pond Management, and MSM Forest Management.

Here is a list of some of our participating members.  They are great resources for information on management of local invaders particular to our region. A number of these groups and agencies host educational and volunteer events and/or offer management services. Visit their websites to find out more about specific opportunities and service details.

Rogue Basin Partnership

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Nature Conservancy

Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District

United States Forest Service

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council

Southern Oregon Land Conservancy

Bureau of Land Management

Strauss Ecological Services

Siskiyou Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon