What to do about it! Garlic Mustard

Don’t let Garlic Mustard spread in Oregon!

I.D. it!

seed pods
  • Small patches can be manually removed by hand-pulling gm_seed_podsor spraying.
  • Pulled material will complete flowering and set seed, so be sure to bag everything .
  • Mowed plants will grow and set seed, so don’t rely entirely on mowing as a method of control.
  • Document the site (location, photos, dates, treatments) and report findings.

Report suspect sites to the Jackson County CWMA at 541-690-8799 or email us at  jacksoncwma@gmail.com.

Learn more about this new invader at the Oregon Department of Agriculture website: http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/plant/weeds/Pages/profile_garlicmustard.aspx